CNC Internal Grinding Machine

IG series is an internal grinder can apply to the grinding operation for tiny hole diameter.
To be used to proceed carbide, ceramic, steel or other super hard material


.Economical running cost. Space saving
.2 linear slides and 1 rotary index
.High rigidity work-piece spindle. 6 or 8 inch 3 jaw chuck are available
.Precision and consistent size control.
.Absolutelinear glass scale X/Z is optional.
.End face detector is optional
.CNC operation interface,grinding path is programmable,Ethernet communication
.GC dressing device is optional
.Diamond tool truing device is optional

Basic Specification CH-CM0501
Machine size(LxWxH/mm) 1700x1700x1800
Electric power 3 Ø AC220V(380V) ,60Hz, 5KVA
Possible Procedure CH-CM0501
Internal grinding Diameter:Ø3~20mm
G.W. slide(Z、X axis) CH-CM0501
Movement stroke 220mm/300mm
Guide method V-V type/Roller guideway
Movement speed Max. 150mm/sec
Resolution 0.001mm
W.P. rotary index(C axis) CH-CM0501
Grinding angle +10°(20°)/-2°
Rotary angle +30°/-10°
Rotary speed CH-CM0501
ID grinding spindle CH-CM0501
ID spindle(Belt driven 1HP)-50000rpm
ID high frequency spindle-55000rpm/1.2KW
ID high frequency spindle-24000rpm/3KW
W.P. chuck CH-CM0501
Manual 6/8 inch 3 jaw chuck
Pneumatic unit CH-CM0501
Air pressure 5 kg/cm2
Air consumption Max.200NL/min