.Economical running cost. Space saving
.2 linear slides and 1 rotary index
.High rigidity work-piece spindle. 6 or 8 inch 3 jaw chuck are available
.Precision and consistent size control.
.Absolutelinear glass scale X/Z is optional.
.End face detector is optional
.CNC operation interface,grinding path is programmable,Ethernet communication
.GC dressing device is optional
.Diamond tool truing device is optional

Basic Specification CH-CM0501
Machine size(LxWxH/mm) 1700x1700x1800
Electric power 3 Ø AC220V(380V) ,60Hz, 5KVA
Possible Procedure CH-CM0501
Internal grinding Diameter:Ø3~20mm
G.W. slide(Z、X axis) CH-CM0501
Movement stroke 220mm/300mm
Guide method V-V type/Roller guideway
Movement speed Max. 150mm/sec
Resolution 0.001mm
W.P. rotary index(C axis) CH-CM0501
Grinding angle +10°(20°)/-2°
Rotary angle +30°/-10°
Rotary speed CH-CM0501
ID grinding spindle CH-CM0501
ID spindle(Belt driven 1HP)-50000rpm
ID high frequency spindle-55000rpm/1.2KW
ID high frequency spindle-24000rpm/3KW
W.P. chuck CH-CM0501
Manual 6/8 inch 3 jaw chuck
Pneumatic unit CH-CM0501
Air pressure 5 kg/cm2
Air consumption Max.200NL/min