CNC Tungsten Carbide bar
chamfering machine

An automatic grinding machine to chamfer the blanks for cutting tools (drills, milling cutters) made of sintered carbide and super high speed steel.


.Full auto from loading to unloading save the manpower and labor cost.
.The loading box can filter the bar automatically.
.After the grinding of the chamfer, the transport roll open automatically and the ground part drops onto the
collected basket.
.Use front end detection and to keep the perfect workpiece accuracy and stable.
.Very short set-up time.

Basic Specification CH-CM0203
Machine size(LxWxH/mm) 1249x1288x1980
Machine weight(kg) 750
Power request 3 Ø AC220V(380V) ,60Hz, 6.6KW
Motor cup wheel , OD 100 mm, internal hole: 19.05mm
Function Specification  CH-CM0203
Range for Out Diameter Ø 4 ~ 25
Range for Length(mm) Ø 50~150
Chamfering angle(˚) 90~135
CH-CM202 CH-CM202 CH-CM202 CH-CM202
Touch screen Output spring Back Stopper Bowl wheel
CH-CM202 CH-CM202    
Two roller design Angle adjustable